10 Unnecessary Animal Themed Items You Need in Your Home This Spring

By HappyOkapi

Spring is in the air, Easter is nearly upon us, animals are waking up from hibernation and lambs are frolicking in the fields. Meanwhile, in the human world, we are spring-cleaning our houses and feeling the love for nature (but not to the extent that we want to go outside and get muddy or be chased by cows or anything). The perfect solution: totally unnecessary but somehow pleasing animal-themed items – without the smell.

  1. Spring is sprung, so what could be more fitting than this faux springbok head decking the wall of your home, from Near and Deer.

Springbok from Near & Deer, purveyors of such heads

2. Next up, this joyous zebra-head vase makes a marvellous addition to the modern mantelpiece. Available from Joy.


This zebra vase from Joy has a noble expression

3. Need to lighten up your otherwise serious interior? Kill two birds with one stone, with this ostrich feather lamp with duck feet for a quirky addition to your living room, from Porta Romana


It has no head.

4. Just as Snow White would have done, invite some woodland friends to your breakfast table with these ceramic eggcups from Graham & Green.

egg cups

Owl have mine soft-boiled please

5. Anything from Shauna Richardson’s collection of Crochetdermy  would increase the coolness factor of a home exponentially. Perhaps this warthog?


Your very own Pumba

6. Bring Peru to you, with this Inca-style llama rug from Urban Outfitters


The cheerfully festooned llama

7. Fancy some Fugu on your dinner table but don’t want to risk death? This blowfish dinner plate from Anthropologie is the next best thing.


Apparently delicious

8. Love the idea of having a dog? Have loads of money to spare but for some reason still don’t have a dog? Enjoy stepping in dog poo? Have an awkward sense of humour? These lamps by Whathisname are for you.


An unpleasant surprise on your carpet

9. For those who covet a tiger rug without having to shoot endangered species, this super-tasteful rug from The Rug Company will make you the envy of your neighbours.


Softly, softly

10.  AND FINALLY, my personal favourite, this frighteningly cool Made.com Rodnik shark chair. Who needs arms when you could have fins?


Snuggle into the welcoming fins of this shark chair

That’s all for today, come back soon for more interiors ogling.